Victory and Associates: 2009-2014

Victory and Associates was an American rock band from SF/Oakland that made records and toured, they were very loud and at least half as clever as they thought they were.

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Last show – Poster

one more show and then “Peace Out”

A fond farewell, from those loosely affiliated with success…

The sun has set upon the time of Victory and Associates. It’s been an interesting almost 5 years. We’ve been all around this great country of ours. But after two albums, several singles and a digital single frontloaded with a comedic sketch, the time has come for us to bringRead More…

PRF Distro

Victory and Associates and Seismic Wave Entertainment are very proud to announce that we are now part of Comedy Minus One’s incredible PRF DISTRO, which we highly suggest as a one stop shop for Victory and Associates records as well as records by Minutes, the rutabega, Body Futures, Risk/Reward andRead More…

PRF BBQ West! May 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at Leo’s Oakland

Yes! we are on break or hiatus… or whatever dumb term you want to use. But we’re also playing with 22 other incredible bands from the mighty PRF for the first PRF West Coast BBQ. Bands like Kowloon Walled City, Porch, The Gary, Nonagon, Generalissimo, Thoughts Detecting Machines, Philistines andRead More…

Jay Ryan Poster for the Record Release for Better Luck Next Life! Hemlock 3/8

There will be a limited amount of these hand numbered posters available at our record release show tomorrow. If there are any left, you can mail order them… they will be $10. Hope to see you there.

Long way to the top… if you wanna Thundersnow!

“Are these California boys NUTS?!?!? Thundersnow 2014 tour”

yup. 02/18/2014 at Live Wire Lounge 3394 N. Milwaukee Chicago, IL, 60641 Cost: $6, 21+, doors at 9, show at 10 w/ The Cell Phones, The Columbines 02/19/2014 at Cactus Club 2496 S. Wentworth Milwaukee, WI, 53207 Cost: $6, 21+ w/The Rutabega, The Revenge Society, Skategoat First Aid Productions andRead More…

Better Luck Next Life – Song by Song – Flavor Country

Victory And Associates By welcometoflavorcountry Victory And Associates is a Bay Area band that has been around the blocks a few times (as they put it). I recently challenged singer/guitarist Conan Neutron to expound upon the ideas behind the songs on their latest release, Better Luck Next Life. He happilyRead More…

V and A Holiday Party

Here’s our last show of the year, it’s a holiday party of rock and roll delight at the legendary SF Eagle. Nope, we still won’t have the vinyl… Better Luck Next Year.

Thank you Pac NW we love you.

Great tour! It won’t be two years until the next time, promise!

Victory and Associates wrote rock anthems that you didn’t know you needed. punk rock passion, post punk sass, big riffs, etc. Take the parts of huge classic rock you may actually WANT to turn up, mix it with the parts of indie rock that ROCK, get it moving with driving, energetic force and you are on the trail to victory… and associates. This is for real, this is for serious. Victory and Associates have been around the block, know their way around a good song and endeavor to deliver something exciting to both musician and non-musician alike. These things are FACTS. Youcan’tstopthesignal, youcan’tstopthenoise.