March, 2010

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SF Examiner live review and pictures

SF Examiner review

Comprised of ex-members from Mount Vicious, Replicator, Ned, Ghost to Atom, Radio Crimes, My Sunny Disposition – you get the picture. These fellows are no stranger to the rock. This is yet another project for frontman Conan Neutron who, on the heels of releasing the anti-Rove compilation Courage and Consequence: The Unabridged Audio, must have had one more thing to get off his chest. And that he did. Victory and Associates have all the flavors of the best anthemic rock while leaving behind the synthetic lyrics and sophomoric dressings that usually go along with such song writing. The song Thousandaire tells you with unabashed mockery, “you may doubt my success but baby I’m a thousandaire. Millions can bring the bummer but man I could hardly care. I am not much for preaching but lethargy’s a sin. Don’t just prepare to lose you must prepare to win”. Couple this with big crowd pleasing guitar riffs, smart drumming and an urge to fist pump and you get a resounding win all around. If Cheap Trick got into a car crash with Danzig while listening to the song Kids in America, you might end up with Victory and Associates.

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Victory and Associates – Lies, and the Lying Liars That Sell Them

Here is the song that we contributed to Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence, a 13 band rock compilation designed to culture jam Karl Rove‘s book.

It’s a fantastic comp that you can download for free here, as well as purchase a vinyl copy. If you’d like to help with the culture jamming, please repost, favorite, uprate and comment this “video” here too.