July, 2011

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Built on a Weak Spot reviews “These Things Are Facts”

Built on a Weak Spot – These Things Are Facts

Some may remember me posting about Victory and Associates and their campaign to fund their debut record through the Kickstarter program. Thanks to the good people out there that threw a few bucks their way it was a success and come the beginning of August you’ll be able to get your hands on a copy of These Things are Facts. If any remember the Party Savior single that they released and I posted about awhile back, then you might be familiar with the sounds of the band, but if not…well then you’re in for a treat, that is if you’re looking for an album that is filled with nothing but non stop sing along rock.

While the band prides themselves in creating rock for ya know…the sake of rocking out…it’s always seemed to me that they also strive to put together songs that would work exceptionally well both on record and in a live setting. It’s hard to sit here and listen to These Things are Facts and not wish that you could be crammed into a small club or bar somewhere seeing these tunes being cranked out live. The songs simply on record, more often than not, achieve their goal of having me unconsciously turning the volume knob up gradually further and further. By the end of it I’m pretty much hitting obnoxiously loud levels that I am sure people near me aren’t necessarily happy about. But then again, maybe they are? Being as upbeat and surprisingly motivational as it is, I’d actually be disappointed if they weren’t. Victory and Associates however aren’t setting out to be rock stars by any means, despite combing through decades worth of riffs and rock staples to incorporate into their sound. Nah, this is more about getting up there, getting sweaty, getting people moving, and having a damn good time while doing so.

Those interested in picking up a copy of These Things are Facts can do so by checking out their Bandcamp page where they have it available for pre-order on LP or CD. Obviously digital downloads are set up to go as well. Enjoy!

Thanks Jonathan!

These Things are Facts listening party at Turntable.fm

So there’s this new thing called Turntable.fm, perhaps you’ve heard of it? If not, you can school yourself here.

Basically, it’s a room full of people listening to music together and it’s a lot of fun.
You can find out more by looking at that link earlier on.

How does that relate to you?
Well! We are going to be holding a listening party for our new record: These Things Are Facts there.
What will that entail?
We will play every song from THESE THINGS ARE FACTS in order, and then… well… then we’ll probably just play songs from bands we love and make it a big ol’ online nerd party.

What will it be?

Monday, July 25th at 7PM PST/10PM EST

You sign up with your facebook account. (yeah, yeah, I know)

Go to this link

You Can’t Stop The Signal and You Can’t Eat Prestige

But you can listen to those songs streaming on bandcamp off of our upcoming album!

Enjoy! And feel free to share with a friend.