5/7/2010 – Hemlock Tavern, SF

Victory and Associates 5/7/2010 @ Hemlock

All kinds of awesome at the Hemlock on a friday.


Bay Area awesome, awesomes, they know how to bring the party, and they bring it to you with a smile.
RIYL: Breeders, Pixies, Camper Van Beethoven

Victory and Associates
Fresh off their super successful Pacific northwest tour
Post-Proto-Punk/Rock and roll good times party machine.
“If Cheap Trick got into a car crash with Danzig while listening to the song Kids in America, you might end up with Victory and Associates.”
Members of Replicator, Mount Vicious, Ned, Ghost To Atom, Radio Crimes, etc.
featuring the Dawg.
RIYL: the rock… and also fun

Here Come the Saviours
Marc and Steve were in The Otherside, Jake was in The Stratford 4, Susan was in The Tail.
What? You need more?
Well how about seriously moody shoegaze badassery?
RIYL: Jesus and Mary Chain, Stone Roses, MBV, etc.

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