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Thousandaire, Live at Rio

Thousandaire, Live at El Rio, SF, CA:

Turn Down The Guitars (Live at El Rio)

Video of a new song Turn Down The Guitars, Live at El Rio, SF… 06/16/2010.
The classic standoff between band and soundman, in song!

El Rio – June 16th, SF

Victory and Associates, with Genius and the Thieves and the Hi-Nobles

Hemlock Tavern – 4-7-2010

Control-R! Victory and Associates! Here Come the Saviours!
event link

“Lies, and the Lying Liars that Sell Them” Live in Seattle

A rousing rendition of our track from the Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence record.

Thanks to Nik Christofferson and Seattle Rock Guy for the video and writeup.

Party Savior/Thousandaire 7″ preorders available now!

Party Savior/Thousandaire $5, double A side single is available for preorder just go to:

We’re still counting the nickels and dimes required to finish the pressing of our debut 7″. It’s not easy, because we have a badass Stumptown letterpress jacket designed by Rachel Carns and we are having them made on GOLD colored vinyl. Current estimation is that we’ll have them in hand for our show in mid-June, the harsh banality of daily life fueling the ever fleeting moments when we get to really do what we want.

It already has a cool review by Built on a Weak Spot:

…however Victory and Associates takes the fun loving/good time party rock vibe even further and has come out as the purest effort yet. It sort of reminds me of a RFTC at times, obviously minus the horn section, however the energy and anthemic qualities are all there that makes this debut 7-inch from the band a fun time.

It’s just $5, and the preorders help us immensely in both covering costs to get this out and doing other awesome things.

If you’d like to order a copy of this awesome release and simultaneously help us out: just go to: to order.


5/7/2010 – Hemlock Tavern, SF

Victory and Associates 5/7/2010 @ Hemlock

All kinds of awesome at the Hemlock on a friday.


Bay Area awesome, awesomes, they know how to bring the party, and they bring it to you with a smile.
RIYL: Breeders, Pixies, Camper Van Beethoven

Victory and Associates
Fresh off their super successful Pacific northwest tour
Post-Proto-Punk/Rock and roll good times party machine.
“If Cheap Trick got into a car crash with Danzig while listening to the song Kids in America, you might end up with Victory and Associates.”
Members of Replicator, Mount Vicious, Ned, Ghost To Atom, Radio Crimes, etc.
featuring the Dawg.
RIYL: the rock… and also fun

Here Come the Saviours
Marc and Steve were in The Otherside, Jake was in The Stratford 4, Susan was in The Tail.
What? You need more?
Well how about seriously moody shoegaze badassery?
RIYL: Jesus and Mary Chain, Stone Roses, MBV, etc.

SF Examiner live review and pictures

SF Examiner review

Comprised of ex-members from Mount Vicious, Replicator, Ned, Ghost to Atom, Radio Crimes, My Sunny Disposition – you get the picture. These fellows are no stranger to the rock. This is yet another project for frontman Conan Neutron who, on the heels of releasing the anti-Rove compilation Courage and Consequence: The Unabridged Audio, must have had one more thing to get off his chest. And that he did. Victory and Associates have all the flavors of the best anthemic rock while leaving behind the synthetic lyrics and sophomoric dressings that usually go along with such song writing. The song Thousandaire tells you with unabashed mockery, “you may doubt my success but baby I’m a thousandaire. Millions can bring the bummer but man I could hardly care. I am not much for preaching but lethargy’s a sin. Don’t just prepare to lose you must prepare to win”. Couple this with big crowd pleasing guitar riffs, smart drumming and an urge to fist pump and you get a resounding win all around. If Cheap Trick got into a car crash with Danzig while listening to the song Kids in America, you might end up with Victory and Associates.

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Our first show!

Party Savior/Thousandaire 7″ is mixed!

It sounds wonderful, thanks to the talented Ms. Laura Dean for all her hard work in making it sound this awesome.

Downloads will be forthcoming come mastering, until then you may hear it at Murdochspace.
Victory and Associates myspace

We know, we don’t go there anymore either.

Also, our track for the Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence compilation is up and available to listen there as well. It’s something of a barn burner and we are very proud of it.

NW tour is still shaping up, that’s about it for now!