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Victory and Associates with Mike Watt + the Missingmen Nov. 7th, 2012 / Bottom of the Hill

Wednesday November 7th, 2012
Bottom Of The Hill
1233 17th Street, San Francisco, 94107, United States

21+, Tickets available here.

Nov. 7th, Victory and Associates will be playing support for Mike Watt & the missingmen in San Francisco at Bottom of the Hill. To say that we’re excited about this is an understatement of the highest order. The opportunity to share the stage with a living legend and somebody whose music and personal philosophy helped shape me (neutron) as a musician and a human is a rarified treat.

Victory and Associates / Bobby Joe Ebola / Dark Beach 08/10/2012

Very excited to play this show at the new all ages ArtBeat space in Oakland.
We’re also playing with the excellent: Dark Beach and Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children Macnuggits

Hope to see you there!


Wildly Plausibly Wild Rock City!

oh dear Victory and Associates site, we have neglected you! Our meteoric rise on twitter to the level of “people Ashton Kutcher blocks every day” has totally gone to our head, and we have been remiss in updating you. Please accept our apologies.

So what are we up to? Well, glad you asked!
We went into New Improved Record and recorded a whole ding ol’ dang bunch of new songs.
Three of ’em to be exact. None of them on any previous release, none of them to be re-recorded. This is for our next release on Latest Flame Records.
The Plausibly Wild/Wildly Plausible 7″. But! Because we love you SO MUCH, we also recorded instaclassic: Friend Rock City for some kind of digital styled release on the internets. I know, sounds like a great business model that can only end in maximum profit… you know, if you were some clueless exec who just teleported in from 2002 or something.

Anyway, that’s what is going on. We recorded it with the enigmatic and badass Eli Crews of New Improved Recording and we’re mixing it at our regular stomping grounds Tiny Telephone in SF by John Congleton. Yes, yes… it all sounds…
Wildly Plausible.

yes! there will be drums on this record.

yes! there will be drums on this record. Mouse will play them.

yup, totally a dude recording.

Conan Neutron... recordin' You know, how he do.

Shane can camwhore and solo at the same time, double suck it!

Shane can camwhore and solo at the same time, double suck it!

Victory and Associates – SW(SXSW) tour and East Bay Express tour blog

Please note that at no point during the announcement of this tour we will use the term “Invading” in relation to SXSW. Invasions are for foreign incursions, not ridiculous singularities of music confluence. That said, Victory and Associates will be playing shows in the American SW on our way to Austin, TX SXSW and the incredible Latest Flame Records showcase at the Sidebar in Austin. Although it is likely we will play other showcases (and are available at this point). The entire reason for this sojourn is to honor the incredible work of Dan Hanke and one of the finest record labels going. Not co-incidentally, LFR will also be releasing the Plausibly Wild / Wildly Plausible double A side single and 7″ at the end of this summer. Please note that the shows marked with the * will be the newly minted Victory and Associates power trio. The full force 4-piece with Victory and Associates with Shane “Sleazy Preacher” Otis will convene in Tejas for the rest of tour. Shane is still our full time thranger but nobody worry… Neutron can shred just fine in his own way. Additionally, we are pleased to announce that Victory and Associates will be maintaining a day by day tour blog for our local alt weekly the East Bay Express, expect that to be a 20 gallons of awesome in a 10 gallon hat.

03/10/2012 at Starry Plough
3101 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705
Cost: $8-$10 sliding scale, 21+
w/ The Blank Stares, Paranoids

03/11/2012 at Daylight Headlight House
Merced CA
Cost: 5, all ages
w/ Feeling Gravity’s Pull

03/12/2012 at Pappy and Harriet‘s
53688 Pioneertown Road
Pioneertown, CA 92268
Cost: ?, 21+

03/13/2012 at Yucca Tap Room
29 W. Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ, 85282

03/14/2012 at Warehouse 21
1614 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM
all agesĀ w/ Pulpit 4

03/15/2012 at Rubber Gloves
411 East Sycamore
Denton, TX 76205
Cost: $?
w/ Trophy Wives (Louisville, KY), Terminator 2, Old Snack, VAZ

03/16/2012 at Sidebar
602 East. 7th St
Austin, TX 21+,
SXSW w/ Nervous Curtains, Trophy Wives, System and Station, The Blind Shake

03/17/2012 at ??
Austin, TX

03/18/2012 at ??
Dallas, TX

SF Show with Police Teeth 02/18/2012

Our first show of 2012 and it’s a Monster!

Beyond stoked to be hosting the incredible POLICE TEETH from Seattle in little ol’ San Francisco.

And to have this show be the record release of the excellent REPEAT AFTER ME.

Victory and Associates at the Latest Flame Records Showcase at SXSW

V and A is proud to announce our involvement at Latest Flame Records showcase at SXSW 2012!

Latest Flame is not only ran by a great, great guy, but they’ve put out some of the most consistently awesome records of the past few years. Such as Police Teeth, Ifihadahifi, etc.
We’re totally honored to playing this and super duper stoked to play with: Nervous Curtains (Sean from the Paperchase’s new band, Dallas, TX), Trophy Wives (Louisville, KY), System and Station (Portland, OR) and The Blind Shake (Minneapolis, MN) and more.

To say this is going to be badass is a mild understatement, we are beyond honored to have been asked to be part of a fantastic bill, and we cannot wait to rock with such worthy awesomes. We’ll be trying to book some more shows around that time, so if you have any ideas drop up us a line. It’ll be our first time in Texas and SXSW, cool.
Latest Flame Records is Plausibly Wild!

Victory and Associates – These Things are Facts now on MOG

Listed by no less than Forbes Magazine as being “better than Spotify”, (WARNING: annoying ad before article) the music service Mog has now added to it’s ranks the stunning Victory and Associates debut record THESE THINGS ARE FACTS.

Please check it out over here and make sure to listen to V&A on Mog, you streaming affilliates of success, you!

12-04-2011 Victory and Associates, Lucky Jesus, Hooray For Everything

Thee Parkside
21+, $5

Victory and Associates
Rock. plain and simple.
“Victory And Associates are most effectively categorized as exactly one-third punk, one-third rock’n’roll, and one-third garage rock. They have the vibrant and buzzing production of a garage rock band, a persistently peeking love for groovy and swirling riffs, and the occasional big time sing along that recalls many a small punk band I’ve encountered over the years. ”
These Things are Facts is the record. You will hear songs from that as well as some new ones.

RIYL: Future of the Left, The Thermals, Torche, the Night Marchers

Lucky Jesus
Good times! indiepowerpopsingalongfuckyeahness.
What you want more? How about that this band features Colin Daly from Ex-Boyfriends (and many other notable awesomes)
RIYL: The Cars, The Rentals, John Hughes movies

Hooray for Everything
Female fronted punkish goodness. Somewhere between Husker Du style SST, Dinosaur Jr. and many more awesomes.

Neutron lived through another year. Let’s celebrate by poking him with sharp sticks… I mean… going to a fun rock show! There will be fun surprises and things too… awesome.

These Things are Facts listening party at

So there’s this new thing called, perhaps you’ve heard of it? If not, you can school yourself here.

Basically, it’s a room full of people listening to music together and it’s a lot of fun.
You can find out more by looking at that link earlier on.

How does that relate to you?
Well! We are going to be holding a listening party for our new record: These Things Are Facts there.
What will that entail?
We will play every song from THESE THINGS ARE FACTS in order, and then… well… then we’ll probably just play songs from bands we love and make it a big ol’ online nerd party.

What will it be?

Monday, July 25th at 7PM PST/10PM EST

You sign up with your facebook account. (yeah, yeah, I know)

Go to this link

You Can’t Stop The Signal and You Can’t Eat Prestige

But you can listen to those songs streaming on bandcamp off of our upcoming album!

Enjoy! And feel free to share with a friend.