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Victory Eater and The Bismarck Moon Associates

The Bismarck, Victory and Associates, Moon Eater at 924 Gilman!


The Bismarck, Victory and Associates, Moon Eater at 924 Gilman!

The Bismarck, Victory and Associates, Moon Eater at 924 Gilman!

Yup, ya heard.
We’re rocking 924 gilman st with some pretty great acts.
Moon Eater From Santa Cruz and the incredible… one and only The Bismarck! From Seattle, Washington. Please be aware and consider clearing your calendars accordingly. We’ve got some new songs for you, and the same old sassy attitude.

Also note SF date for the Bismarck with stone cold V&A bros, Hurry Up Shotgun and Philistines. Get into it folks!

We’re recording a new record in May

Hi All, we’re very pleased to announce that we will be recording a brand new full length record.

The record is tentatively called “Screaming Outside the Airlock” and it is a concept record based on the disconnection from each other our modern world faces. Sounds like a party, right? Anyway, we’re going to be recording it with Mr. Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Tool, Hurry Up Shotgun, etc.) and we’re as pleased as can be about it.

For those of you that like lists of songs with little to no context in it:

We’ll Have To Be Our Own Heroes
Ignore Button
Everything’s Amazing (Nobody’s Happy)
Exasperated Inc.
For Serious
“Are We Having Fun Yet?”
The End of Memory
Taste the Danger

And a couple of others, we’re still working that out.
Anyway, we’re pleased as can be to be working with Latest Flame Records for this one. And rest assured there will be some touring. ok?
Until then we have a couple of bay area shows coming up, one at 924 Gilman with the Bismarck from Seattle. An Excellent, excellent band who we love quite a bit. And April 27th at the Hemlock with Qui (from LA) and Big Long Now. Also great acts! Rumor has it that we’ll be playing a house show too, but you’ll have to ask us after that one. And of course give the secret phrase.

Thanks gang!
-Conan, Evan, Mouse and Shane

Plausibly Wild / Wildly Plausible 7″ preorder available now.

And here you go. Our latest release, available to stream and preorder. $5 for the green vinyl 7″ and digital download. $2 for digital download only. IF YOU LIKE THE ROCK, YOU’LL DIG THIS. Two hot rockin’ numbers for your ear holes.

Friend Rock City – Digital Single available now!

“Friend Rock City” digi-single out July 24 via itunes and the usual digital vendors. Victory and Associates take a break from kicking against the pricks to deliver some well placed friendly jabs to the disorganized nature of the midweek obligation rock show, “friend rock” bands that should really be trying harder and the general absurdity of small time live music, The first followup from their critically acclaimed debut record THESE THINGS ARE FACTS. Friend Rock City reunites the bay area smart asses with super producer John Congleton (Themals, Baroness, St. Vincent) for a propulsive and boisterous romp headed up by a brief comedic sketch. Yes. Comedic sketch.

Plausibly Wildly Plausible

When mixing, the outboard cat module is recommended for achieving maximum tone.
John Congleton at the helm.

Wildly Plausibly Wild Rock City!

oh dear Victory and Associates site, we have neglected you! Our meteoric rise on twitter to the level of “people Ashton Kutcher blocks every day” has totally gone to our head, and we have been remiss in updating you. Please accept our apologies.

So what are we up to? Well, glad you asked!
We went into New Improved Record and recorded a whole ding ol’ dang bunch of new songs.
Three of ’em to be exact. None of them on any previous release, none of them to be re-recorded. This is for our next release on Latest Flame Records.
The Plausibly Wild/Wildly Plausible 7″. But! Because we love you SO MUCH, we also recorded instaclassic: Friend Rock City for some kind of digital styled release on the internets. I know, sounds like a great business model that can only end in maximum profit… you know, if you were some clueless exec who just teleported in from 2002 or something.

Anyway, that’s what is going on. We recorded it with the enigmatic and badass Eli Crews of New Improved Recording and we’re mixing it at our regular stomping grounds Tiny Telephone in SF by John Congleton. Yes, yes… it all sounds…
Wildly Plausible.

yes! there will be drums on this record.

yes! there will be drums on this record. Mouse will play them.

yup, totally a dude recording.

Conan Neutron... recordin' You know, how he do.

Shane can camwhore and solo at the same time, double suck it!

Shane can camwhore and solo at the same time, double suck it!

Exasperated, Inc – Live at The Hemlock Tavern

Brand new song “Exasperated, Inc.” live at The Hemlock Tavern, SF 02/18/2012
This one will probably be on the new record whenever we do that. Enjoy!

Victory and Associates at the Latest Flame Records Showcase at SXSW

V and A is proud to announce our involvement at Latest Flame Records showcase at SXSW 2012!

Latest Flame is not only ran by a great, great guy, but they’ve put out some of the most consistently awesome records of the past few years. Such as Police Teeth, Ifihadahifi, etc.
We’re totally honored to playing this and super duper stoked to play with: Nervous Curtains (Sean from the Paperchase’s new band, Dallas, TX), Trophy Wives (Louisville, KY), System and Station (Portland, OR) and The Blind Shake (Minneapolis, MN) and more.

To say this is going to be badass is a mild understatement, we are beyond honored to have been asked to be part of a fantastic bill, and we cannot wait to rock with such worthy awesomes. We’ll be trying to book some more shows around that time, so if you have any ideas drop up us a line. It’ll be our first time in Texas and SXSW, cool.
Latest Flame Records is Plausibly Wild!

Victory and Associates – These Things are Facts now on MOG

Listed by no less than Forbes Magazine as being “better than Spotify”, (WARNING: annoying ad before article) the music service Mog has now added to it’s ranks the stunning Victory and Associates debut record THESE THINGS ARE FACTS.

Please check it out over here and make sure to listen to V&A on Mog, you streaming affilliates of success, you!

Pictures from Brick and Mortar Music Hall Record Release Show

Bay area treasure Shannon Corr took some fantastic pictures of our record release show at Brick and Mortar Music Hall
You can see them all here
Victory and Associates - Picture by Shannon Corr
Victory and Associates
Victory and Associates - Picture by Shannon Corr