Everything’s Coming Up Victorious (or affiliated with it)

There’s all kinds of fantastic things going on and we’re incredibly excited to tell you about it.
First off, Party Savior/Thousandaire is still available for free legal download (any format you like), and for $5 on beautiful gold vinyl. We really busted ass to make this as great as possible and we are not disappointed.

We also have stickers back in stock, that’s that same logo you see on the top of the webpage.
They were so popular we actually ran out. Wow! Awesome. If you want one you can pick one up at a show or e-mail Conan at conan at neutron-x dot com. We will send one (or a few) to you.

We are currently working on some new songs that we are very excited about.
“Here Goes Everything”, “Also Rans, Has Beens, and Never Was”, “Funundrum”, “Prestigious Blog”, “Get Into It”, “Bulletproof Tiger” and “Taste the Danger” are all strong demos that we will be woodshedding and trying to turn into kick ass Victory and Associates songs on the level of “You Can’t Stop the Signal” “Thousandaire” and “Turn Down the Guitars”. Although you cannot hear how awesome these songs are, let me assure you, they are awesome.

And speaking of Turning Down the Guitars
Basic tracking for Turn Down the Guitars, our side of the split 7″ with the excellent band Hurry Up Shotgun are complete. We mix it and send it out for mastering next week, with release scheduled for mid-October. The fabulous Ms. Laura Dean will be mixing this at the ever awesome Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, and the fine folks at Single Piece Slate will be pressing the limited run of hand numbered 100 handcut clear vinyl records. As if that isn’t enough, the incredible Dale Flattum from Steel Pole Bathtub and Milk Cult fame will be doing the artwork. There is no way this is not an epic win.
We’re very excited for this release and promise to keep you up to date whenever possible.

Speaking of up to date, did you know Victory and Associates has a twitter account?

Well we do! Please follow @VictoryAndAssoc and we’ll promise to use it, I (Neutron) even promise to make a Twitter update if we pass 50 followers. DARE TO DREAM!

Oh yeah, and PLEASE send people here and not myspace.
Really, we’re considering deleting myspace because people treat that shameful thing like our real website.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t noticed we’re playing a set of shows in the midwest in October. We are pleased as can be to be invited to play the PRF BBQ in Chicago at Quenchers and look forward to seeing some old friends and making lots of new ones. We are also VERY pleased to be playing the Cactus Club in Milwaukee with our friends Ifihadahifi, opening the show with Oh My God and The New Loud. Since this will be Evan’s first show in MKE as a bay area resident it is going to be doubly amazing.

In any case, more news soon, including some local shows.

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