Exeunt Paulie “Wildcard” Miller

It was with a heavy heart that Victory and Associates will be saying goodbye to Paulie “Wildcard” Miller.

It’s been an incredibly great year with Victory and Associates, from the tours all the way down to the Motel 6 snugglefests. Sadly, I will be departing after our next show to carve out time to front my own band again (plus, I still have that drumming gig). Come down to the Hemlock this Saturday and send me off to a great farewell from guitar duties back into the world of frontmen. See you then!


Thank you for all of your epic rokkin’ Paulie and best of luck in all you do.

Wild card!

With any luck there will be one more recorded Paulie appearance with the Not Returning/This Year 7″. Victory and Associates shall continue on and for the immediate future Conan will be back on guitar live.

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