PRF Distro

Victory and Associates and Seismic Wave Entertainment are very proud to announce that we are now part of Comedy Minus One’s incredible PRF DISTRO, which we highly suggest as a one stop shop for Victory and Associates records as well as records by Minutes, the rutabega, Body Futures, Risk/Reward and many, many other worthies.

PRF Distro

Driving eight hours from Chicago to Pittsburgh in late June gave me a lot of time to think. So impressed by the quality of the bands I had seen play as well as the quality of the people I had met at the 2014 PRF BBQ, I became interested in making it easier for folks to find these bands’ releases instead of forcing interested parties to piecemeal single LP shipments together.

Somewhere on I-80 the idea for PRF Distro was born.

There are 75 different titles in stock as of today’s launch, everything from the new Shellac record to limited run vinyl by These Estates, Alto! and Risk/Reward.

Like-minded labels such as Latest Flame, Sick Room and Damnaby have sent us select wares for our warehouse.

We’ve even made our remaining stash of Silkworm “Libertine” 2×12″ + SKWM shirt bundles available in a variety of sizes to mark the occasion.

Each release PRF Distro carries has an audio preview available, in most cases the entire record. Stream before you buy.

If you select a record, you’ll be provided with eight recommended titles to explore at the bottom of the screen.

You can also use the “tags” that close each release description to find other records by the same artist.

Please follow PRF Distro on the Facebook and the Twitter as we’ll be highlighting a different band/group/label weekly.

You can follow the PRF Distro on Facebook and Twitter both.

Please check it out: PRF DISTRO

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