Who are these men that are loosely affiliated with success?
That is what this page seeks to answer.

Conan Neutron

Primary songwriter, rhythm guitarist, singer and rock and roll jackass for Victory and Associates. Former frontman for band Mount Vicious, Former guitarist and vocalist for Replicator, occasional Rock DJ, full of tenacity, questions things, astigmatism. Yes, Conan is his real name, no it’s not pronounced like the barbarian. You can generally find out what Conan is up to by going to Neutron-x.com

Evan Gritzon

Milwaukee ex-pat and former member of Radio Crimes, the Etiquette, Paris@2AM, Crossed Wires, etc. Evan’s bass playing is as ferocious as his facial hair. The man knows his coffee and his witty quips equally well.

(more soon)
Shane Otis

Victory and Associates wizard of guitar.

Mouse Menough

From Chugiak Alaska, V&A’s drummer is a barrel of fun.

Oct. 2009- Dec.2010
Paul Miller

Former guitarist, singer and songwriter in My Sunny Disposition, Former Employee / The New Left Right. Paulie also played drums in Yellow Dancer and currently drums in Ghost to Atom. Also: WILDCARD!

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